Danielle Bradley 

Our son is currently enrolled at Pennington Children’s Academy. I love this school!!! Not only because our child is extremely happy there, but because the curriculum is learning focused, mixed with just enough free play. I’ve witnessed numerous activities where the kids think they are playing and having fun but they are actually learning, refining their fine and gross motor skills – I like that! The new owner and her staff are warm, kind, caring and trustworthy. When I drop off our son to Pennington Children’s Academy, I have a feeling of calm and relief knowing that he’s in good hands!

Jessica Braynor 

Our 3 year old daughter loves going to school at Pennington Children’s Academy! The preschool teacher is a wonderful! She engages the kids in fun learning activities, and she does a great job communicating what is happening in the classroom as well as our daughter’s progress. The owner of the school really cares about the kids and is actively involved in their daily activities.

Portia Cuffe 

My son goes to Pennington Children’s Academy, he enjoys going to school and he goes home to tell us what he learned with his friends. The teachers genuinely care for the children, and send updates about their development in class. The caring staff and owner always make me feel that my son is safe at all times. I am going to have my second child and the baby will also go to the same daycare. I am happy with the ongoing construction; the school is now brighter and more spacious than before! I would recommend this school to other parents.

Kelly Gottlieb Kizner  

My child is very happy here, always has a smile on when we pick him up. He usually hides and refuses to leave because he is having too much fun. I personally know the owner; she is a wonderful loving person who believes in advancing children’s education. Love this place!!!!!!

Michael C.

I have used the new owner’s daycare services since 2011 and followed her from her old daycare to this daycare. I have been completely satisfied with the care she and now the rest of the staff have provided to my son. From the first day, I never thought twice about leaving my son in her/their care.  A lot of renovations were recently completed in the last few months and the place looks wonderful and my son loves attending.  My wife and I are currently expecting another child and without a doubt we will be bringing him to this school for his care.

Survee Singh

Thank you for preparing him so well! He comes home from kindergarten happy, confident and excited for the next school day. He is friends with most of the kids and helper to the class teacher. I appreciate all your efforts, teaching methodology and Individual attention given to him as part of the daycare curriculum.