To ensure the safety of the children in our care, we are currently working to update the security system within the school.


  • We will be adding a keyless entry system to the front door of the school. Each family will receive a unique entry code. Without a code, entry may only be given after using a bell and using 2-way audio communication. Visitors will be greeted by administrative staff in the office.
  • Pin code will be used for entering at the second entrance to class area.
  • Children are only released to individuals listed by parents on enrollment records after proper identification.
  • Parents are allowed to view classroom activities via observation windows or video monitoring.

Video Monitoring

Each classroom is equipped with a high definition camera. The content of these cameras will only be visible to the owner and director of the school and will allow us the possibility to review incidents within the classroom, if necessary. The content from the camera will also be available to parents upon request.